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Strength, income and performance are some of the synonyms of this amplifier module.
It has a maximum power of 20.000 Watts RMS at 0.5 ohm, thermal protection and anti short circuit.
It is powered by batteries in series, as it uses batteries as its source of energy.
Member of a unique line in its category, delivering extremely high power in medium and large automotive sound systems.
Emphasis for subwoofer to high midrange, with high tone performance and sound quality.

* Operation class (PT) Classe D
* Number of Channels 01
* Maximum power @ 164 VDC - 0.5 OHM: 20,000W RMS
* Input Sensitivity 330mV (Level 100%) @ 0.5 OHM
* Signal to Noise Ratio >98dB
* Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 10KHz (1dB)
* Efficiency 91% @ 0.5 OHM (Maximum Power)
* Input Impedance 22K OHMS
* Protection system Short-Circuit to Output / Short on Output compared to GND, Low Impedance at Output, High/Low Supply Voltage and Thermal Protection
* Min.
Supply Voltage 100 VDC
* Maximum Power Supply Voltage 190 VDC
* Consumption at rest 150 mA
* Maximum music consumption 67 A
* Maximum consumption in sinusoidal signal 134 A
* Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.98-in x 2.52-in x 14.09-in
* Weight 7.92lb

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